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Characterization: Levelling and surface additive

Chemical Structure: Organomodified polysiloxane 

Appearance: Clear liquid

Non volatile matter: 100 %

Stabilities: The product can be sensitive to frost.

Storage: The product is stable for at least 24 months at well-ventilated areas. Avoid temperatures below 4 °C and above 40 °C. Prevent from freezing. Stir before use.



▪ Highly effective

▪ Improves the levelling

▪ Improves slip significantly

▪ Improves scratch resistance

▪ Improves block resistance

▪ Suitable for high-gloss formulations

▪ VOC-free acc. to EU 2004/42/EG3

▪ Free from mineral oils and APEO

▪ Cyclic siloxanes D4, D5, D6 as SVHCs < 0.1%


Application Fields

Due to its chemical structure SILCO CT 5041 is particularly recommended for water-, solvent based and solventless formulations.


SILCO CT 5041 is particularly recommended as levelling and slip additive for pigmented as well as for clear coatings.


Preferred fields of application:

▪ Industrial coatings

▪ Wood coatings

▪ Water based coating systems

▪ Solvent based coating systems

▪ Solvent less coating systems

▪ UV systems


Recommendation for Use

We generally recommend a dosage of 0.5 – 2.0 % calculated on the total formulation. The optimal dosage has to be determined through preliminary tests.


The product can be added at any point of the production process.


We recommend prediluting the product in a suitable solvent before adding


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