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RADIA / Red Devil

RADIA, founded in 1992 as Red Devil Equipment Co., is a family owned business that engineers mixing equipment with an emphasis on durability and reliability.

Red Devil Equipment Company is expanding into new categories as RADIA. The company you trust and the quality products you need are here to stay, we’ll just be answering the phone with a new name.

As an organization that often asks “what if and what’s next”, we began by expanding our services. We soon realized, however, we needed a new identity to reflect those new opportunities.Because we know the “Devil” isn’t it. Knowing it was time to change, we worked hard to create a new brand to better represent us. We are RADIA.

Don’t worry, we still produce the longest lasting and highest quality paint mixers and paint shakers (along with all of their accessories). We still believe in Red Devil Equipment Company’s core values of responsiveness, problem solving and family. Really, nothing is changing besides our name to RADIA. We are still committed to personal interactions and the same dedicated support you’re used to.

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