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Chemical Raw Materials


As a medium sized, family-owned company in its second generation we are known internationally as a "Specialist for Macromolecular Chemistry". Starting with the development of polymer dispersions for adhesives our core business today is the development, production and marketing of polymers in the form of emulsions, solutions or as mass polymers.

Indulor was founded in 1978 in Ankum, Germany by Erwin Fengler. Starting with the development of polymers for adhesives used in the construction industry.

Today we serve our customers in all regions worldwide with a production capacity of 245,000 tonnes per year of dispersions and solid resins. Furthermore, we have become one of the main suppliers in the Graphic Arts market (Printing Inks and Overprint Varnishes).  This development induced us to set up a forth production plant in Graham, NC which is running since 2017. By opening this plant we increased our production capacity by 50,000 tonnes per year.

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