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Emulsion polymer based on styrene and acrylates

Fields of Application: Printing Inks, Overprint Varnishes and Coatings

  • Let-down vehicle for water-based flexographic and gravure-printing inks

  • Binder for water-based overprint varnishes



  • Excellent gloss

  • High heat resistance

  • Free of glycols or glycol ethers



Apart from the mentioned properties Induprint SE 900 provides an excellent transfer, very good hold-out, fast drying and low foaming properties. The product is free of solvents and coalescing agents.


Induprint SE 900 is a very hard polymer. It is therefore necessary to modify the polymer by addition of coalescing agents (i. e. Dowanol DPM) or softer polymers to enable film formation and gloss improvement at normal operating temperatures.


Gloss improvement or a softer varnish may be obtained by the combination of Induprint SE 900 with Induprint SE 245 or Induprint SE 1985.


Further improvement of the heat-seal resistance is possible by adding Indunal Z 15 (ZnO solution).


Starting formulation:

No. 202  Cheat matt OPV

No. 207  Narrow web ink

No. 208  Duct emulsion

No. 220  High gloss low slide work and turn coating

No. 222  Printing ink

No. 234. Cost effective varnish for corrugated

Induprint SE 900

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