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Glycol-free styrene-acrylic solid resin

Fields of Application: Printing Inks and Overprint Varnishes

  • Vehicle for water-based overprint varnishes and flexographic and gravure-printing inks


Performance and Characteristics:

  • Gloss improvement

  • Increase of transfer and resolubility

  • Improvement of block and heat resistance

  • Free of glycols and glycol ethers


Starting formulation: 

for a 30 % solution:

615.9 g  Water

0.1 g  Drewplus TS-4387 

300.0 g  Indurez SR 20

84.0 g Ammonia solution 25 %

----------- 1000.0 g


Viscosity: appr. 6000 mPa.s (Anton Paar RheolabQC; MS: CC27)


Add the Indurez SR 20 to water at room temperature. 

Stir to ensure complete wetting of the solid resin. 

Add the ammonia solution.

While stirring heat up to minimum 80°C.

Stir until the solid resin has completely dissolved. pH value should be at least 8.2.

Indurez SR 20

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