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Characterization: Wetting and dispersing additive for aqueous coating systems

Chemical Structure: Compound of organomodified phosphoric acid esters in water and polyalkylene glycol

Appearance: Yellowish, clear liquid 

pH-Value: 7.0 + - 1

Concentration: 80 % + - 1

Ionic Character: Anionic

Stabilities: The product is sensitive to frost to a certain extent. Changes occurring at low temperatures but disappear after warming up and stirring well.

Storage: The product is stable for at least 18 months at well-ventilated areas. Avoid temperatures below 4 °C and above 40 °C. Prevent from freezing. Stir before use.



▪ Highly effective

▪ Broad compatibility with water based binder systems in alkaline medium

▪ Excellent storage stability of pigment concentrates

▪ Excellent colour strength development

▪ Good water resistance

▪ Free from mineral oils and APEO


Application Fields

Due to its chemical structure SILCO CT 1008 is particularly recommended as universal wetting and dispersing additive for inorganic and organic pigments.


Preferred fields of application:

▪ Industrial coatings

▪ Water based coating systems


Recommendation for Use

We recommend a dosage of 10 – 35 % calculated on the total pigment weight.


The optimal dosage has to be determined through preliminary tests. The dosage depends on the pigment’s chemical nature, the shape and the particle surface.


The additive should be added to the mill base before predispersion.


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