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TQC Precision ThermometerTemperature Range: -49.9 to +149.9°CResolution: 0.1°C (°F alterable)Accuracy: ±0.5°C between -49.9 to 99.9°C, ±1°C above 100°CBattery: MN2400 (AAA)Battery Lifetime: 8000 hoursDisplay: 15mm LCDDimensions: 19 x 52 x 155mmWeight: 76 gram

The TQC Precision Thermometer is a handy pocket size thermometer with foldable stainless steel probe. Suitable for measurements in liquids and semisolids. Large clear display, ergonomic design and easy to clean. The instrument is equipped with an ON/OFF, MAX/MIN switch and can easily be set to fahrenheit if necessary.

Precision Thermometer

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