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The CurveX 4 oven logger offers easy-to-use, high quality temperature data logging for paint curing ovens.


Advanced Oven Data – Easy Return on Investment
The CurveX 4 provides advanced oven temperature data. Combined with the Ideal Finish Analysis software, this data logger is vital for any paint curing oven – providing insights into oven temperature efficiencies, streamlining operations and reducing operation costs.


The oven data tracker is fitted with three large buttons for easy operation and three LED giving power, paint type, logging and cure information.

The 8-channel temperature data logger built in a sturdy machined aluminium case that fulfils the basic needs for quality control in powder coating applications. Its ease of use and affordable price level makes it the ideal job-coaters instrument.


Memory – batches:
The memory of the CurveX 4 can store a total of 1,000,000 readings. The memory is divided into 20 memory blocks of 50,000 readings each.


Ideal Finish Analysis software
The included Ideal Finish Analysis software allows you to analyse the logged temperature data and create detailed reports. Advanced oven profiling features like cure data analysis, ideal cure and tolerance bands, together with a wide range of display, report and printing options, making CurveX oven logger the most flexible temperature logging solution available.


What is included?
• CurveX 4 Oven Logger
• Factory calibrated, calibration certificate
• Ideal Finish Analysis Software
• USB-C Cable
• USB Memory stick
• Plastic Carrying Case

CurveX 4 Oven Temperature Data Logger

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