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Used in ASTM Method D3450 Test for Washability Properties.


SC-1 is an aqueous dispersion of detergent, cellulosic thickener and preservative, made in conformance with and approved for use in the indicated ASTM method. This compound is representative of the detergent character of commercial cleaning products. Because of the variable nature of its ingredients, each batch is adjusted and tested to assure batch-to-batch uniformity. Each container is fully identified by batch number and shipping date. The contents of unopened containers are guaranteed standard in performance for a year which is highly conservative based on observed package stability. Supplied in pint (473 mL) jars, sufficient for about 40 tests.

SC-1 ASTM Scrub Medium, Non-Abrasive(สารละลายสําหรับทดสอบการขัดถูแบบเปียก)

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