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Magnetic-inductive measurement probe with a measuring range of 0-500 µm for the most precise measurements of non-ferromagnetic coatings especially within the lower measuring range.
Designed to measure thin, non-ferromagnetic metal coatings (such as: chromium, copper, zinc, etc), lacquer, enamel or synthetic coatings on steel substrates using the magnetic-inductive measuring method, our probes deliver measurements in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 2178, ISO 2808 und ASTM B499 standards.
Thanks to the pen shaped probes, manual adjustments on measuring objects are easy to achieve and accurate. For applications demanding highest precision, we recommend mounting the probe on one of our measuring stands, available with or without additional sample holders.
Positioning Angle for MI Ferro probe

Micro Probe 500µm for Qnix 8500

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