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TQC Machu Scratching Tool to perform a Machu test (corrosion test) with. Each tool is provided with a 1mm width cutter to cut the coating down to the metal, complying with ISO 17872.

Two models are available:
The TQC Machu Scratching Tool Basic is based on the CC2000 model. with a self positioning knife bracket to expose the substrate with a perpendicular cut through the coating.
The TQC Machu Scratching Tool Professional is based on the CC3000 model with adjustable cutting depth and two ball bearings to guide the cut. This guarantees reproducible results.
Mandatory test in Qualicoat and QIB accredited laboratories.
TQC Machu Scratching Tool Basic (type CC2000)

Machu Scratching Tool (อุปกรณ์กรีด สําหรับทดสอบ Machu)

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