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The BK range of Drying Recorders have been used widely in the coatings industry throughout the world for several decades and have set the standard for reliability and quality

As with all previous models the BK Variable is manufactured from good quality materials including brass, aluminium casings and stainless-steel fittings, the product is fully serviceable to ensure longevity and all spare parts are available. A needle carrier of high-quality design and manufacture can be seen in the photograph above holding six hemispherical ended needles which travel the length of the six 305 x 25mm test strips in a choice of 20 pre-programmed times from 7.5 minutes to 96 hours. Other specific times can be specified in increments of 30s at the time of order.


Stages in the Drying Process Defined as:

  • The first stage is a pear-shaped impression corresponding to the time taken for evaporation of solvent.
  • The second stage is the cutting of a continuous track, corresponding to a sol-gel transition.
  • The third stage is an interrupted track corresponding to the surface-dry time.
  • A fourth stage is where the needle no longer penetrates the film, corresponding to the final drying time

BK Variable Drying Time Recorder with Digital display

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