Dry-N-View Part 3100PB

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The days of rigging up a hair dryer to dry samples and walking outside to view your colors are over! By bringing together two crucial steps for accurately matching color, the new Dry-N-View conveniently dries samples and allows you to view colors – all in one unit. The Dry-N-View utilizes three light sources (Daytime, Incandescent, Fluorescent) and a quick low-heat drying system to ensure your color samples are properly matched.

Drying System:

  • Quick low-heat drying delivers accurate color sample results every time – will not distort samples due to intense heat like conventional hair dryers
  • Dries multiple samples with the push of a button
  • No more blown breakers – draws only 3 amps vs. 15 amps like conventional hair dryers
  • Industrial drying system designed to outlast conventional hair dryers
  • Extremely quiet drying system allows you to use the Dry-N-View right next to the phone or retail counter
  • Automatically shuts off when your sample is dry
  • Zero maintenance drying system

Viewing Station:

  • Comes complete with three different light sources (Daytime, Incandescent, Fluorescent) for viewing color samples in various settings
  • Built-in viewing station ensures your color swatch matches your dried
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