1 Gallon Classic Shaker XP Model 1400A1 / 1410A1 & 1400X1

รหัสสินค้า : 1 Gallon Classic Shaker XP Model 1400A1 / 1410A1 & 1400X1


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Designed to accept a variety of containers, the 1400 one gallon paint shaker Explosion-Proof Series is an ideal mixer for environments that require specific mixing regulations. Utilizing a multi-dimensional mixing motion, the 1400 is capable of mixing an extremely broad range of materials for countless applications including chemical, automotive, wood finishes, marine, R&D, and various lab settings.

  • The 1400-X1 is rated for use in Class I, Division I, Groups C & D hazardous (classified) locations.
  • Shakes a variety of containers of all sizes and shapes ranging from 3½ to 11 inches in height
  • Limit switch automatically stops mixing cycle when safety enclosure is opened
  • Suitable for a wide range of mixing applications
  • 18 lb. standard load capacity
  • Conforms to ANSI/UL STD 1203; Certified to CAN/US C22.2 STD No. 30.

Explosion proof machines are not equipped with a timer or power cord. A certified electrician is required. 

Additional information:

Owners Manual (3.53 MB) Spec Sheet (245.11 KB)




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