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The new Q-PANEL automotive refinish training system is a low-cost platform used by automotive refinish centers to train technicians on proper painting techniques. It is also used by paint manufacturers to develop and display new paint and coating products.

The system comprises a portable mounting cart and set of lightweight, simulated automobile hood and fender panels.

The mounting cart designed to fully support the panels in the correct orientation for painting. It may be folded up when not in use, requiring very little storage space. The large primed aluminum hood and fender panels are shaped like real automobile panels, but are much less expensive and can be used multiple times.

Look for the Q-shaped hole. It’s our trademark and your assurance of quality.

The patent-pending Q-PANEL automotive refinish training system is a cost-effective alternative to using real hoods and fenders for automotive paint refinish development and training. It is designed to give the paint applicator experience with the techniques used to paint whole vehicles, without the high expense. Other applications include technician evaluation, paint and coatings development, trade show displays and customer demonstrations.

Save Money

Lower in cost than actual automobile hoods and fenders, the Q-PANEL simulated hood and fenders are shaped like real automotive components to provide a true-to-life painting experience, at a lower cost than using actual automotive parts. Hood and fender panels are constructed from sturdy 1mm (0.040") thick aluminum to allow for multiple uses. The panels can be prepped and painted multiple times. The cart is also constructed from lightweight aluminum for reduced shipping costs.

Save Time

No tools are needed to set up the automotive refinish training system mounting cart or to mount the simulated hood and fenders. It takes just a minute to attach the hood and fenders onto the mounting cart; the hood and fender panels can be quickly changed out for the next application. Because the hood and fenders come pre-coated in a neutral gray color, no priming is necessary.

Save Space

The Q-PANEL hood and fender panels are thin and can be nested together to save storage space. The mounting cart utilizes quick release fittings to fold in seconds for convenient storage, and can be easily tilted and rolled to working or storage locations.




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