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Automatic, Objective Rating

TIDAS automates the analysis of a wide range of samples using a Hegman gauge. Fineness of grind is determined automatically and objectively, removing operator variation and ensuring reproducibility. Under-dispersion that causes customer issues and over-dispersion that causes lost time are a thing of the past; just optimum results every time.


Compatible & Customisable

TIDAS was originally developed with Venator (previously 'Huntsman'), and is designed to work with a wide range of gauges to meet your requirements. TIDAS's dedicated software can also be customised to match your requirements, allowing you to set ratings and more.


How Does it Work?

TIDAS is a tried and tested system that is extremely simple and easy-to-use. The sample is automatically drawn down over the hegman gauge, which is viewed by a high-resolution camera at a shallow angle. A histogram of particle distribution is produced. This is interrogated by an algorithm to generate a sample rating.


The Go-To System

TIDAS was developed 20 years ago, and has gone through several iterations, each honing the performance and reliability of the testing procedure. TIDAS units now operate in over 40 countries in 45+ companies, including Akzo Nobel, Venator & PPG. Due to its robust, low-maintenance design, super-sharp imaging, customisability and versatility, TIDAS has become the go-to system for grind gauge/grindometer testing.


Is it Suitable for My Lab?

If manual drawdown of a sample with a Hegman gauge is possible, then it is extremely likely that TIDAS will work with your application. A loan package is available to evaluate TIDAS before buying, or alternatively you can send your samples to Labman and we will provide a full ratings report free of charge.

TIDAS Automated Grindometer

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