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Combines time-proven dependability of the pressure test procedure with the convenience of electronic balance. These moisture meters are well-suited for use on roads, aggregates, sand and concrete.



The moisture content of freshly mixed concrete affects the workability, blending, segregation, strength and drying rate of the finished product. The Speedy tester is an ideal on-site quality control tool that enables the site manager to ensure best practice if being followed. Moisture levels of aggregates and sand can be checked prior to use to ensure that the correct amount of water is added when mixing with cement. The moisture content of ready-mix conrete can be checked on site arrival to ensure it is within specification.


Speedy moisture testers from Ashworth Instrumentation are used throughout the world by a diverse range of industries to measure the moisture content of materials including soils, aggregates, concrete, sand and powders. Principal users include geotechnical engineers on civil engineering projects, building surveyors and restorers. Other substantial user gorups include mining, steel production, foundries and ceramics.

Soils, Sands, Powders, Aggregates, Concrete, Masonry

Protimeter Speedy Calibration Kit® (อุปกรณ์วัดความชื้นในงานก่อสร้าง)

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