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Characterization: Polymeric wetting additive

Chemical Structure: Surface active substance in alkyleneglycol 

Appearance: Yellowish, clear liquid

Non volatile matter: 50 % + - 1

Ionic Character: Non ionic

Stabilities: The product can be sensitive to frost.

Storage: The product is stable for at least 24 months at well-ventilated areas. Avoid temperatures below 4 °C and above 40 °C. Prevent from freezing. Stir before use.



▪ Highly effective

▪ High compatibility with various binder-systems

▪ Excellent substrate wetting

▪ Strong reduction of surface tension

▪ Improves the levelling significantly

▪ Suitable for high-gloss formulations

▪ Low foam stabilisation

▪ Free from mineral oils and APEO

▪ Silicone free


Application Fields

Due to its chemical structure SILCO GA 2504/E is particularly recommended for water based formulations. SILCO GA 2504/E is particularly characterised as highly effective wetting additive with defoaming properties for printing inks and overprint varnishes.


Preferred fields of application:

▪ Printing inks and over print varnishes

▪ Water based systems


Recommendation for Use

We generally recommend a dosage of 0.5 – 2.0 % calculated on the total formulation. The optimal dosage has to be determined through preliminary tests.


The product can be added at any point of the production process.


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