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QNix® 8500: A modular precision measuring system for maximum flexibility. In close collaboration with practitioners from the handwork, industry and service sectors a new generation of a modular measuring system resulted that belongs to the best of its class.

Simply place and read. Like other QNix® coating thickness gauges, the modular system of the QNix® 8500 is a perfect example of extremely simple and easy-to-use, durable and reliable gauge with variable and versatile applications. Whether on lacquer or corrosion protection on metals. Whether on iron, aluminum, copper, zinc or steel.
With a simple probe change, all non-magnetic coatings on steel and iron and all isolating coatings on non-ferrous metals are measured accurately and non-destructively

Although QNix® thickness gauges and systems are generally easy and handy, our ambition is to gain even more access to hardly reachable measuring points.

QNix® 8500 – in collaboration with the radio control probe QNix® sat – offers new applications for the measuring of coating thickness.
QNix 8500 Premium coating thickness gauge, with USB dongle, software version 7.0 and probe cable (1m), without probe.

Qnix 8500 Coating Thickness Gauge Ferro Non-ferro

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