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This Precision Pull Off Adhesion Tester is a hydraulic tensile tester that works on the so-called pull off principle, and complies with the requirements of ISO 4624. The system consists of a hydraulic hand-pump equipped with a precision manometer and the actual adhesion pull off testing head.

The coating testing-head is equipped with four cylinders that work according to the ‘Dynamic Force Distribution’ principle, whereby the force is brought to bear fully pulling off.

Different types of testing heads are available: a micro testing-head for measuring on very small coated objects, the standard testing-head for measuring of paint adhesion on on steel, and the large testing-head for measuring the coating adhesion on concrete and other stone surfaces with 50 mm diameter test-dollies. Adhesion test dollies come in a variety of dimensions and shapes (also for curved surfaces). A PC-adapter and related software is available for processing the measurement results by computer.

Pull off adhesion tester Model GM0420kN hydraulic pull-force pump

Pull Off Adhesion Tester Model Pat GM01 GM04

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