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NFe Probe to measure non-ferromagnetic and electrically non-conductive coatings (insulating coatings) on non-ferromagnetic and electrically conductive substrate, for example measuring on aluminium-, zinc-, brass- and certain stainless ( high-grade ) steel-substrates.
QNix 8500 sat – a world novelty

The worldwide new, only thumb-size radio control probe allows safe precision measurements of lacquer and anti-corrosion protection coatings on metal for buildings, restorations and other safety projects – airplanes, ships or bridges.

Wireless data transfer
The transfer of data from hardly accessible measuring points per radio control offers a never known freedom of measuring coating thickness. The combination of the precision body gauge QNix� 8500 and the new, only thumb-size dual radio control probe QNix� sat is ideal, as it extends the application scope.

Non-Ferro probe (wireless – Qnix Sat) 2000µm for QNix 8500

Non-ferro Probes for Qnix 8500

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