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The structure of the TQCSHEEN Moisture Determination Balance is based on the innovative concept of the DOUBLE CASE that characterizes the professional products of Bel Engineering. The outer case in plastic composite material contains an inner cast aluminum case with two separate rooms that enclose, respectively, the weighing unit and electronic boards. This innovative system, unlike other brands balances based on SINGLE aluminum case, allows double protection of the weighing unit from heat irradiated above, ensuring excellent conditions for weight loss detection.

The philosophy to adopt two microprocessors of the last generation and that is, high performance at competitive cost, enabled TQCSHEEN to introduce in the market a product with brilliant benefits at a competitive cost. I-Thermo moisture balance is the right choice in terms of “quality and competitiveness”.

Adopting two microprocessors, one for controlling all functions of the balance and the other for total control of the furnace heat, TQCSHEEN came to realize the ideal equipment for moisture determination of raw materials and finished products in the food, cosmetics, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, ceramics and construction materials industries, in the agriculture, etc.

The moisture balance enclose the function to check and calibrate the temperature on the plate specimen holder whenever it is requested by using a separate thermometer. This operation ensures that all samples tested over time are subjected to the same temperature, guaranteeing a process repeatability.

The TQCSHEEN Moisture Determination Balance is an analytical balance equipped with drying chamber and halogen lamps. The moisture content is determined automatically by calculating the loss of weight during drying. The balance is equipped with a RS232 interface. Compact, simple, accurate and fast.

Moisture Determination Balance

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