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The Mechanised Scratch Tester is dedicated to coatings hardness evaluation based on the scratching resistance method.


A test panel is clamped and slowly moved whilst a stylus or alternative tool scratches the surface. Depending on test procedures, specified or variable loads can be applied to obtain different degrees of failure, from trace to destruction. A voltmeter indicates the contact of the tool with the metallic sample substrate. Max. panel size : 100x150x1.6mm (0.3mm coating).


The Mechanised Scratch Tester comes with the weight set required by ISO 1518-1. The weight set specified by the preceding international standard, ISO 1518, is optionally available


Scope of Supply:
The Mechanised Scratch Tester (705) 220-240V / 50Hz – ISO 1518-1, 35 mm/s table speed, tungsten carbide hemispherical stylus, 20 N set of weights (2 x 0.5 N, 1 x 1.0 N, 2 x 2 N, 1 x 4 N and 1 x 10 N) and 1 spindle).

Mechanised Scratch Tester (705)

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