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The TQC Sheen Gel Strength Tester (414N)  is especially suited to assess the yield strength and consistency of thick paints and other materials such as gels and putties etc.

A 250 ml can containing the sample is magnetically fastened onto the turntable of the Gel Strength Tester. This turntable is loaded with a calibrated spring displaying an engraved scale of 0-450 gm/cm.
When immersed into the sample, the flat (4 x 2 cm) paddle spindle rotates automatically at 2 rpm. The paddle spindle drives the whole can and turntable. After a peak reading followed by a short time of stabilisation, a steady torque value is indicated on the Gel Strength Tester’s scale.

Alternative paddle formats are available upon request, allowing for a wider range of viscosity products to be tested.

Gel Strength Tester (414N)

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