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SHEEN Cone and Plate Viscometer (CP1) 
The Cone and Plate Viscometer (CP1) is a standard test for dynamic viscosity measurements. It is faster and more accurate by use of new high precision microprocessor controls. As non-Newtonian fluids exhibit different viscosities relative to the shear rate applied, the Cone and Plate Viscometer tightly controls it to 10,000S-1 (B.S./ ISO requirements) or to 12,000S-1 (ASTM). These are generally accepted to be representative of paint application via a roller or brush and so reflect ‘real world’ application. 
Temperature controlled
As most viscosity measurements are highly temperature sensitive the samples are placed on a temperature-controlled plate which can be set from 5°C to 65°C. 
The Cone and Plate Base Unit comes without cone kit. Cone kits to be ordered separately. 

Cone and Plate Viscometer

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