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TQC Sheen’s new washability tool!
We understand that washability tests can be time consuming – that’s why we created the TQC Sheen camera tool, for use alongside the TQC Sheen Scrub, Abrasion, and Washability tester.
This brand-new tool is flexible, easy to use, and offers you the use of two cameras. Thanks to our advanced software, you can take photos during testing and save your snaps as you go!

With this innovative functionality you can save time, remove hassle, and maximize resources.


What does the washability tool offer you?
All in one inspection – don’t worry about sending a lab tech back and forwards to get results – save time with advanced automation
Flexible, easy-to-use technology – free up operator time while keeping a digital-colored record of results
A full camera kit – the complete kit includes the camera, holder, LinQ, and software
State of the art camera – the highly sophisticated tool comes with triggered autofocus and a whole host of amenities – but don’t worry, it’s as straight-forward to use as a typical consumer camera
Want to find out more? Download our product information sheet to access more detailed information about the game-changing Washability tool! Or watch our operating instruction video right here.
If you’d like to receive more information, feel free to get in touch.

Camera Tool Kit

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