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Ergo Base

Whether you're designing a new store, or looking to gain more work space in your current paint department, the Ergo Base can give you an efficient, usable work space while maximizing on ergonomics for easy machine use.

More usable work space, ergonomic mixing station and adjustability.

More work space

Up to 25% more usable work space storing machines under the work surface, two separate bases to avoid any vibration transfer from the machines to the work space. Pre-drilled holes for mounting Automatic Lid Press.



Machines are stacked directly under work surface for minimal distance from work station to mixer. This keeps the loading of machines in our power zone (mid thigh to mid chest) this is the most effective lifting zone, the Auto Lid Presses are also angled to reduce twisting motion when used. 


The Ergo Base is two separate pieces which allows for no vibration transfer to your working station. Both bases are also adjustable up to 2 inches to provide the perfect height for you and your team. 

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