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High-performance, universal laboratory tensiometer

Measuring, controlling and monitoring the surface tension

Optimized for R&D and quality control

Combines reliable functions of SITA DynoTester+ and SITA pro line t15 in a versatile laboratory tensiometer with premium character.


Meaures the surface tension using the differential pressure method – independent of immersion depth

Large bubble lifetime range: 15 ms (highly dynamic) to 100,000 ms (quasi-static)

Precise readings using robust, application-optimised capillaries

Automatic calibration in water, monitoring of the calibration process


Wide range of functions with different measurement modes:

Auto-Mode: Measures dynamic surface tension curves through the whole bubble lifetime range

Online-Mode: Continuous measurement of adjustable period without a drift of bubble lifetime

Single-Mode: Single measurement at a certain bubble lifetime


Fast and easy set-up of the device

Intuitive operation

Portable in secure storage case

Integrated battery



Measuring the dynamic surface tension, analysing surfactants

The new SITA science line t100 is a mobile laboratory tensiometer for research and development as well as for quality control of products with surface active substances.

Using the bubble pressure method the tensiometer measure the surface tension of liquids within a large bubble lifetime range from 15 ms up to 100,000 ms.

The device automatically and acurately controls the chosen bubble lifetime without drift and complicated readjustments. The measuring results are presented numerically and graphically on a large color display.

In combination with the new windows-software SITA-LabSolution a variety of differnt laboratoy devices can be controlled comfortably and thus, laboratory processes are optimally automised.


Auto-ModeMeasures the dynamic surface tension through the whole bubble lifetime range

• Evaluating surfactant effects

• Analysing the kinetic of surfactants

• Characterization of the wetting behaviour of surface active agents

Online-ModeContinuous measurement of adjustable period without a drift of bubble lifetime:• Automatic measurement of temperature dependencies

• Analysing the ageing behaviour

• Evaluating the sample stability

Single-ModeSingle measurement at a certain bubble lifetime:• Control and test requirements

• Concentration measurements

Measuring principle

Measuring the dynamic surface tension with the SITA bubble pressure method enables high precision and flexibility without difficult adjustment of the immersion depth. This is done by pumping air through a capillary into the liquid to be analyzed. The pressure within the bubble chances continuously with its radius. The surface tension is calculated from the deviation between pressure maximum and minimum. The calibration is carried out automatically with water. Thereby, the radius of the capillary is taken into account. (read more ...)


The SITA science line t100 is a high-performance bubble pressure tensiometer that can be used for

• Analyzing the kinetics of surfactants in research & development

• Quality control through comparison with reference and limit values

• Automation of measuring and analysis tasks.

Due to its wide bubble lifetime range, liquids containing surfactants as well as other liquids can be measured within a large concentration range.

The following applications are examples for standard applications where surface tension measuring values are measured, compared and documented:

• Optimizing washing and rinsing processes in parts and textile cleaning

• Determining the wetting agent concentration in the electroplating industry

• Monitoring the Isopropyl-alcohol concentration in offset printing

• Quality control in ink production

For your security

our application engineers advise you, if the SITA science line t100 is suitable for your application and how to use it.


Laboratory automation with the new Windows-Software SITA-LabSolution

•Automation of laboratory measurements with a wide range of accessories for analysing active ingredients

•User-defined sequences for recurrent measuring and controlling

tasks (mehods)

•Intuitive operation ensures efficient preparation of experiments and

evaluation of measuring results

•Easy access to all functions of the tensiometer

•Report function for creating measurement protocols and reports

Controlling a wide range of accessories

Burette (fluid dosing unit)



Magnetic stirrer, (heating) stirrer

Scope of delivery

- Tensiometer SITA science line t100 (basic unit and sensor)

- 2 capillaries PEEK type II or capillaries according to application

- Power supply

- USB cable

- Stand

- 2 sample vessels 50 ml

- Operating instruction

- Calibration certificate

- robust and secure storage case


Burette (fluid dosing unit)

• Active ingredient analyses

• Evaluation of concentration curves


• Automatic measurements of a large quantity of samples for quality assurance


• Automatic tempering

• Analysis of temperature curves

Magnetic stirrer, (heating)stirrer

Sample conditioning

• Homogenisation

• Sample tempering




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