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Control unit for optimal process management

Process specific system solution:

-Saving and processing of measuring data including surface tension, conductivity, cleanliness and bath contamination-Automatic dosage of process chemicals according to consumption-Clear display to support operator-Optimization of process management for stable product quality and economic use of resources


-System solution for high process security

-Economic efficiency due to optimal process management

-Continuous documentation of the process for quality assurance


The control unit SITA clean line CC is based on an industrial-PC or an SPS with a touch panel. The customized software regulates the dosage of the active agents as well as the control of cleanliness and contamination, saves and visualizes the measured data and communicates with higher control systems.

The large touch display allows the operator to immediatly identify changes within the process, to adjust parameters and to readout saved data.

Keyboards, alarm sensors and other interfaces are available optionally.


Automatic usage-bound dosage:

- Analysis and dosage of measured data 

- Regulation of the cleaner concentration to the reference value

- Activation and monitoring of the dosing pump

- Communication with higher control systems

- Convenient user interface for the operator

Control unit for the cleanliness measuring system SITA clean line CI:

- Activation of the sensors SITA clean line CI

- Calculation of cleanliness or layer thickness

- Storage and visualization of measured data

- User interface for parameter adjustments

- Communication with higher control system

Practical example: Automatic cleaner dosage during pre-treatment of automobile bodies

The SITA clean line system solution continuously and fully automatic monitores the concentration of the cleaner components and replenishes it according to consumption. Depletion and overdosage of the cleaner are thereby prevented and a high cleaning quality is guaranteed. Using the SITA system solution the automotive manufacturer considerably increased economic efficiency by reducing cleaner, energy and water. The system solution paid off within one year.

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