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Draw-down press with speeds adjustable from one to ten seconds. Used with liquids, powders, and paste coatings.


Get consistent use of grind gages using the ADM 2 automatic draw-down machine from Little Joe Industries. The ADM 2 is designed to be durable and simple to operate.


  • Designed for use with liquid and paste coatings.
  • Adjustable draw down speeds from one to ten seconds
  • Consistent and accurate scraper force adjustable from 1.75 to 6 kg (3.5 to13 pounds).
  • Smooth motorized scraper movement.
  • Rigidly held scraper provides consistent scraper angle.
  • Uses existing grind gauges and scrapers from your current supplier.
  • Works with grind gauges and with draw-down pads.
  • Requires less operator training and supervision on proper grind gage use.
  • Removes operator variables.


The scraper is held at an 85-degree angle. This allows using each side of the scraper twice, effectively giving you four scraper edges instead of just two and doubling the life of each scraper compared to a 90-degree angle. 90-degree versions are available [Link] by special order.

The ADM also makes color comparison draw downs on draw down pads using a scraper. This requires the purchase of a Draw Down Kit [Link].



Minimum scraper force: 1.75 kg
Maximum scraper force: 6 kg
Maximum grind gage size: 25 cm long x 11 cm wide
Speed: Variable
Scraper angle: 85 degrees
Power: 100/120 v or 200/240v; 50/60hz
Fuse: 1 amp slow burn


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