Company Background



"H.J.UNKEL" from Germany to the world

H.J.Unkel has been found since 1925 in Shanghai, China. The name was inspired by a picturesque city of Germany, Unkel am Rhine. The business has been steadily growing and now there are 13 offices in Southeast Asia including our office in Thailand.


We are closely connected with leading professional technology in Europe and America, and have rich experience in testing instruments and water-based chemical raw materials. We introduce the world's best equipment and chemical raw materials, and provide professional services to users. We are committed to becoming experts in the industry to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.



Our Business Scope

1. Provide European and American testing instruments in coatings and inks, electronics, plastics and rubber, automobiles and parts, scientific research institutions, quality inspection agencies, aluminum profiles, aerospace, etc.

2. Provide high-quality water-based and oil-based resins, additives and other chemical raw materials in the coating and ink, textile and shoe materials, packaging and printing, plastic, and rubber industries

3. Provide professional technical support, prototype trial, repair and maintenance, and testing services for testing instruments

4. Provide effective technical support and services in the formulation of chemical water-based and oil-based products


Our Advantages

1. We are running with this industry for many decades. 

We were deeply cultivated in the industry for many years and accumulating rich experience.

2. Professional innovation

We are eager to make breakthroughs and keep developing in ourselves all the time.

3. Huge scale 

Our marketing scale covers all parts of China. We have 8 branches operating in different regions of China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Fujian, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shandong ). On the other hands, we still cover almost all of the country in Southeast Asia such as (Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines )

4. Broad connection 

We have a sales agency and cooperate with more than 45 brands from around the world.

5. Quality product

We gather products from all over the world to achieve customer needs.

6. Sincere service

We oriented our employees to interact with customers to meet the multi-faceted needs of customers


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